Bridging the gap between science and nature with F1s, a next-generation pleasure product for men that makes you the master of your destiny. And with a window in thew casing you can add a unique visual element and see your pleasure in action.

Using powerful intense dual motors, Cruise control, and LELO’s revolutionary Sensonic technology, F1s massages you with deeply satisfying sonic waves for an entirely new, completely mind-blowing sexual experience. Or better yet, utilize the free software developer’s kit


  • Simple Intensity Controls for one-handed use – Great for watching your favorite porn on your mobile device. One hand on F1 and the other holding your phone
  • Curved Internal Grooves for heighted sensations – Making sure your penis is covered in all areas
  • Window panel for new visual dimension – See F1 in action
  • Premium textured aluminum body – Lite and made to last
  • Ergonomic, body safe silicone internal canal – Grip F1 for hours!
  • 10 cutting-edge performance sensors
  • Bluetooth capabilities – connect to F1 from your apple or android device and control your F1


For those of you who are nerds and like to geek out, F1s has your back! With every F1s, you’ll get access to the exclusive LELO SDK which will allow you to thinker with the app, ensuring you get exactly what you want from the accompanying app.

SDK for iOS and Android platforms is available for download at

Once your product is shipped, an exclusive iOS and Android LELO demo app will become available to you. You will be able to connect to your F1s via Bluetooth, the app allows you greater and closer control over your personal pleasure. With the app, you truly put pleasure at your fingertips!


  1. Access the Developer’s kit – The exclusive and freely available SDK enables you to experiment with the sophisticated sensors and industry-leading technology and shape the future of your pleasure.
  2. App-Connected – Connect your device to test drive the LELO demo app – control device settings as well as gain new insight into your performance.
  3. Body-safe silicone sleeve – Ultra-smooth and soft to the touch, F1s Red looks sleek on the outside and feels sexy on the inside.
  4. Powerful pleasure – The mind-blowing sensation of sonic waves and patented Cruise Control technology make F1s Red the ultimate act of self-love.
  5. Fully waterproof and rechargeable – Using the supplied USB charging cable, F1s Red can go wherever you go, and the smooth, waterproof design is easy to keep clean.
  6. 2 hours of use in one charge – Long-lasting power to allow you to explore all the sensations, patterns, and app capabilities while you work on your stamina.


  1. Connect to your F1s via mobile and adjust settings to your likings
  2. Apply a generous helping of lubrication to your F1s internal canal. The more the better
  3. Turn on your favorite porn video
  4. Turn on your F1s and slowly insert yourself. F1s will begin working when it senses you are deep inside
  5. Control yourself and try not to cum to fast


Through unique dual-motor design, the F1s Red combines conventional vibrations with an entirely new sensation never experienced in a male pleasure product: SenSonic technology.

It’s the same high-tech concept that made the Lelo Sona the world’s bestselling sex toy of all time. Instead of standard vibration, one of the motors emits powerful sonic waves that permeate deep into your penis, making it feel as though it’s resonating pleasurably from all directions all at once, instead of simply tickling the nerve endings on the surface of your skin. It will help you achieve the most overwhelming orgasms of your life.

Combined with the patented cruise control setting, which ensures F1s never experiences a frustrating power drop during vigorous use. Instead, it intelligently monitors and controls the intensity to ensure you get a completely seamless, uninterrupted experience.

F1s can be bought at most local sex shops or online retailers.



What are you waiting for? Join millions of men and head down to your local sex store and pick one up! Better yet, order one from their online store! The machine only comes with 1 silicone mouth sleeve. Make sure you remember to pick up some extra sleeves, lubrication, and cleaner to your order! While you are at it, head over to Alpha-Tek and pick up Emperors Vigor Tonic or Alpha Swipes and improve your relationship!

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