Have this thought ever crossed your mind – a moment when you start to imagine what a life completely devoid of the thing you consider the most satisfying, might turn out as? Some of us shove this sudden idea back into the corner of our heads because we’re too afraid to think of an answer, while others linger on with their pondering because it seems to spark a sense of curiosity within us. Whichever group you belong to, you do acknowledge that sex is a crucial part in our lives and as adults, it even turns into a basic necessity for good mental health and to maintain strong relationships.

A life without sex isn’t going to be just a dull life, it is also going to turn into an unhealthy life. Regular sexual activity as an adult actually does more for your health as any other physical exercise you might take up, and missing out on sex will cause health problems, both mental and physical to inevitably set in the future.

We tend to perceive sex as pleasure, but the benefits of intercourse aren’t simply limited to a transient feeling of satisfaction. In fact, the benefits of sex are long-lasting and impact your overall health over time as you grow older. Therefore, if you are apprehensive of simply imagining life without sex, you won’t find much satisfaction in knowing the reality.

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A Life Without Sex Would Mean More Sick Days

If you haven’t heard this before, hear it now. Sex boosts up your immune system just as exercise does. This is because intercourse is a form of physical activity that requires you to put in a significant effort for maximum pleasure. Due to this, your body becomes stronger and is more able to fight against germs, viruses and other bacteria.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered that students who have a healthy balance in their sexual life are likely to ask for fewer days off for sickness. This is because their bodies contain stronger levels of antibody named immunoglobulin A – a substance that primarily protects your body against illnesses, specifically flu, and colds.

However, for those who do not maintain a healthy sex life are researched to have lesser levels of immunoglobin A, causing them to suffer through illnesses at a higher rate.

There is also a loose connection between better sleep and sex. If you’ve ever noticed, sex allows you to have a more peaceful sleep at night and this is mostly because of a specific hormone that is released during sex. Oxytocin is the chemical hormone that is famously dubbed the ‘love’ hormone, were having intercourse with your lover spreads this hormone in your body. This, afterward, acts as sedation which makes you feel at ease and gets that little bounce in your step from sex. Your overall mood turns out to be better and you can rest earnestly at night knowing you are loved and cherished by someone you love as well.

The study has also shown that sex is natural pain relief. There have been cases where people prone to migraines and horrible headaches have had their issues curbed through regular sexual activity. According to the same research, about 70% of sexually active people reported a near to complete relief from migraines while 91% of them have admitted to having symptoms of headaches mitigated through sexual activity.

Therefore, if you’re imagining life without sex, you should be thinking about a life where you miss out on important events due to sickness and a bad night’s sleep. But, there’s more to the problems faced by a lack of sexual activity than these. Lack of sex affects both genders in different manners and ailments, with some cases being worse than others.

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A Life Without Sex For Men

According to a scientific study, men who have about 7 ejaculations per week are about 36% less liable to the future development of prostate cancer. Due to sex improving the overall quality of your biological system and boosting up your immune system, your body will be able to fight against the growth of a tumor. This, in turn, prevents the probability of cancer, specifically prostate cancer within your body.

There has also been another study that has proven a decrease in the mortality rate among men with active sex life. The percentage of the decrease nears towards 50% for these men, signifying a natural improvement in one’s life expectancy.

The Emotional Side to a Life Without Sex

If sex has such a significant impact on one’s biological state, it is natural for the effects to be extended towards one’s emotional side as well. In fact, sex is one of the fundamental basis on which one’s relationship and emotional states are accelerated and propelled into betterment.

Sex should not be referred to as just a physical activity, for those who participate in the act of lovemaking experience something much larger than physical relief and satisfaction. They find within themselves an awakening of a personality that was unbeknownst to them.

Simply being there with your loved one and jointly acknowledging the level of attractiveness and appreciation you both have towards each other can be a powerful thing when it comes to your mental health. You find yourself to be more confident, growing in your appreciation for your body image and relinquishing all the insecurity you had stored up.

You also do connect with your body in a more personal and pleasurable way. You find the spots which you never acknowledged and see yourself in a different light – in the light with which your lover sees you and loves you. Sex opens up pathways you never sought but when you do find it, you understand the importance of it.

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