Was she playing yet another game, that was meant to mess up with my mind; was she about to change her mind suddenly, and ask me to turn the car around and take her home…

It was unclear, but the truth is she didn’t say any of that, and as soon as we reached my flat she asked me only one thing;

“Where is the bathroom?”

“That door to your left;” I replied slightly worried thinking she was feeling sick from all that booze.

Her plans differed from my worried thoughts, and I could see her dropping her tight dress to the floor suddenly. No warning and no words were in between only the view to remember my eyes witnessed.

A red push up bra was revealed that was holding her tits just like golden cups were holding the nectar of the gods, and a pair of small red panties that were splitting her perfectly round butt cheeks into two amazingly shaped hemispheres that were luring me in before I could even touch.

My jaw dropped to the fucking floor as this woman was doing everything she wanted with me and in front of me. She then dropped the bra and panties, revealing herself to me exactly as he momma had made her. Perfect pear-shaped tits with rosy areolas that were bound to be sucked met me but didn’t stay in one place for too long.

“Are you coming?” she asked me and left for the bathroom.

It looked like she was in the mood for shower fucking, and I was not going to refuse such a call.

“Right away!” I smiled with excitement as she looked at like one of those slay queens who have no time for second chances.

Clothes were flowing through the room at the speed of light as she disappeared inside the bathroom; I was planning on giving her a night to remember so, so I rushed to get my Alpha Male Plus that would turn my cock into stone and the Alpha swipes for long-lasting erection and rushed inside the bathroom where the steam from the running shower was permeating outside through the cracked door.

I found her basking in that hot water, as small droplets were trickling down her perfect skin; I couldn’t help it and ‘stabbed’ her with my hard cock and I could hear her moaning as it touched her tense butt cheeks. She then grabbed it with her right hand to feel it for a moment. My fucking heart was beating into it at that moment, and this little devil just loved it that way from the way she moaned in expectation.

“Fuck me!” she then ground her teeth and looked back at me with strange anger in her eyes.  

Clearly, she was not the type to enjoy endless foreplay… thing that I appreciated. I wrapped my arms around her body and started kissing her neck and back as I was about to penetrate. The hot water engulfed us both as my cock entered her and I could feel her inside warmth; she pushed against me sign that she wanted it all, at once… no more expectation, no prelude, no easy steps… only raw fucking from the first second to the last. My kind of woman…

Seeing how she licked it, I started thrusting this cougar who clearly enjoyed her fucking and knew what a good dick felt like.

“Yes, yes… like this!” she kept giving me direction as I was squeezing my heart to fuck her like never before in her life.

Our skin smashed and rubbed against one another and for more than half an hour we fucked inside the shower, trying all the possible positions, until she finally went down on her knees and started blowing me, all the way to the bottom baby! she probably wanted to make me cum now as she had come two times already, but my cock just didn’t want to fail.    

Soon, we went to the bedroom for another round and she was simply amazed how much I could last.

“Do you ever cum?” she gasped as she was riding me. With all that water in the shower she started sweating again now and I just enjoyed seeing her that way because I knew she was feeling my cock to the bottom of it.

“I will, but after I have pleased you ‘till the moon and back!” I smiled.

Another half an hour of intense sex ensued until I finally came with a blast; Rebecca was amazed and surely would remember that night for the rest of her life.