Before I could think of something else, I could see her heading towards the dance floor that was placed somewhere to the middle of the club and was slightly higher than the rest of the club and round in shape. That’s where the spotlights were centered and was a good spot for those who felt the night and wanted to show off a little bit.

No warning or request to follow her, but something inside me told me that was exactly what she wanted, but left for me to figure it out. I can say, it was in a way a test for her to see if I was going to be the pick for the night… who knows, maybe she wanted to see if I could live up to the expectations. You can bet I was not going to disappoint the appearances up that point, and as much as I hated dancing in front of other people, I did follow her just to show Rebecca I had the moves she wanted to see.  

That very moment, a rather slow R&B song came on and I went right behind her and grabbed her waist with boldness as my hands began to slide down towards her ass. She soon started whining in my hands and as I took that gesture as a ‘yes’ to what I was doing and what I was planning to do.

Fuck me, I had hit the jackpot! We soon started dancing slower and slower and more sensual until our bodies merged into one. We fit our rhythms perfectly as if we had been made for one another and even our breaths were in synchrony up to the slightest detail. At one point, Rebecca started bending her knees going lower and lower and I knew I had to follow her in her movement and prove her I was worthy of anything she had in store for me.

After a while, my lips dared to touch her bare neck as she grabbed her hair with her right hand pulling it up to show the emotion and how she was feeling the vibe. That’s when I unleashed my wet tongue and full of desire and allowed it to do whatever it wanted with that beautifully perfumed skin. With that came her first moan and I could feel her body shivering in my hands… that’s when I said to myself…

“You’re mine!”

That swift realization gave me the courage to go even further, up to a point where I was on the brink of crossing the limits. My curious hands began to explore more and more of her body, and I could only think of how fine tits felt like. They were enormous and of perfectly white skin, like pristine milk; pure poison for imagination that could only think of how they might feel under the sheets.

I touched them eventually and squeezed them in my hands softly as we were still dancing on that dance floor in front of everybody. Strange enough I felt like we were only the two of us there and the whole world had faded away.  Rebecca didn’t push me back and made no gesture that should let me know she didn’t like what I was doing. Probably she felt how horny I was in her presence and wanted to see how far I could go, how daring I could become… poor thing had no idea I was the devil in disguise in those circumstances.

“I’ve had enough…” she gasped as the song went bust, then she returned to the bar with me following her.

I was a bit tired myself after all that dancing and felt like I could use a drink to replenish my forces. As she took a seat at the bar, I saw her sighing.

“God, this was intense… I could never tell you had such moves.”

Her words made me smile and remembered me of her line with the ‘soft hands’    

“You have no idea what this body can do…”

I had to say it I couldn’t help it, and she picked up on it right on the spot.

“Touché…” she laughed “I see you have a good memory.”

“There are a lot of good things about me, besides my memory.” I counterattacked pushing her to a corner as I tried to offer her a gist of what was to follow if she let herself into my hands.

“I bet they are…” she posed a thoughtful sigh as if she was trying to imagine exactly what I was talking about. At that same time, my eyes were stuck to the skin of her neck and in between her tits where a shallow layer of sweat had taken over and made it shine even brighter under the lights in the club.

“If you are lucky enough, you might get to find out.”

That came as a tease of my own now as I could tell we were on the right path, and I wanted to make her taste of the same poison she was feeding me at the beginning.

“Lucky you say?” she laughed, “I thought I would be lucky if I had another drink.”

I didn’t hesitate for a second since I knew now that alcohol made her horny… so the more the better.

“Sure, what should it be? Another vodka?”

She replied with a disgusted look on her face for some reason. “Nah, I think I will go back to my martini. That vodka gave a strange sensation and I don’t know if I’ll be able to drink another one for the next four or five weeks.”

“Your desire is a command to me…” I chuckled and made a sign to the bartender, but that order was never placed, unfortunately.

Rebecca turned her head towards me all of a sudden, gesture that took me completely by surprise because I didn’t expect that to happen, at least not so soon.

“Your place or mine? I am sick of this place already, I wanna get out.”

I was in awe and for a moment my lips were shut; I couldn’t say a word, and frankly, I didn’t even know what to respond. Rebecca was too fast in her approach and now I was left somewhere out in the open unable to weight my possibilities.

“Have you lost your voice?” she raised her eyebrows staring at me “Say something…”

Eventually, I managed to break that trance and I decided to take my chances.

“If you’re not bothered by a bit of mess, I guess we can go to my place.”    

“I am not as fancy as you think.” She giggled and grabbed her purse. “I hope you have a car cause I took an Uber to the club.”

 I nodded excusing myself to the bartender who had come to take the order that was never going to happen anyway.

“Sure, it’s parked right outside,” I replied to her and I could see Rebecca heading towards the exit door already.

The ride to my house was a bit peculiar as she took the back seat and didn’t say too much; she looked just like one of those millionaires who have personal drivers. That’s how I felt and must say I didn’t enjoy the feeling too much. A strange sort of distance grew between us for no apparent reason and I kept wondering what was going on.