That cheeky wink surely caught my attention as I turned my head to the bar; there she was standing, like a gazelle in her prime, sparking with sexiness and boasting a sort of desire that could turn a man’s imagination wild. Surely, I was hooked like never before, but she was a complete stranger to me as I had never seen her before in my life.

I nudged my friend, John slightly, who was in fat the one who ‘forced’ me to go to the club that night. Frankly, before leaving home I wasn’t really in the mood for going out, but he wouldn’t shut up with his ‘getting some fresh meat’ shit. I couldn’t refuse the man as he had done that same favor for me so many times before.

“Yo’, check that one out!”

My friend was rather absent-minded, as his eyes were following some different prey, but as soon as his eyes landed on my target he suddenly lost all interest in whatever he was following only moments prior. We were chilling on the couch the moment my eyes spotted her sitting at the bar, with a glass of martini in her right hand, sipping every now and then while checking the whole club.

I guess that sparkling smile of hers along with that tight, red dress that complemented her fine round ass so perfectly were the things that set my heart and cock on fire at the same time. This woman was the pure representation of the word ‘thick’. I mean she portrayed this waist of a wasp while her tits and ass looked like they were going to tear the fabric of the dress to pieces… And that plunging cleavage was clearly made up in hell somewhere because it would tease to death and take all the darkest sins our of the depths of his mind.

“Dayyumm…” John grinned with a cheeky smile. “You’ve got fine tastes my friend, what can I say.”

Fine just like her, no doubt!

“I think she’s been checking me out for quite some time,” I muttered not sure if was right about it or if it was only my impression.

“Adam… then what the fuck are you waiting for? Go for it stallion and show her what real loving feels like.”

John was clearly the crazy type who didn’t give a fuck about rejection, but I, on the other hand, was more reserved in my thoughts and actions and preferred to go for a safe ‘kill’ instead of wandering around getting endless cold ‘no’s’ in my face.   

“I am not sure man; I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself.”

“The fuck with that, man… she’s a straight cougar looking for some fresh dick, real lovin’, I told you already and if you say she was checking you just moments ago, believe me, she is in for it.”

His words sounded convincing enough and did give me some energy and courage to make that first step, but something deep down inside was keeping me from taking any action. Maybe I felt a bit intimidated by her fine looks or the fact that she clearly was slightly older than I was… I don’t know exactly what I felt, but the track was there undoubtedly.

“You think?” I asked John again and this time, he did something outrageous without asking me first. I guess he was growing tired with my indecision and decided to break the ice so I can take my first breath.

He raised the glass in the air looking at her, and the damn devil didn’t take too much to react; she smiled and raised her own only to have John nod towards me like… ‘this sucker here has something to tell you!”

The burden was getting heavier and heavier now and I looked back at John with a look in my eyes that was trying to say; “What the fuck do you think you’re doing man?”

 I didn’t say anything, but he did, as he ground his teeth at me; “If you don’t get your sorry ass out of that couch and go to talk to that fine woman over there, I swear to god that I am going to fucking kill you!”

The loudness in his voice was low and with the overall music I am sure she couldn’t hear what we were talking; John also kept that same poker face on with no emotion written on it that had won his so many games.  

“If this goes wrong…” I started warning him, but my words ended there as I didn’t know what else to tell him.

I have no doubt now that part of me agreed with him and now it pushed me from behind to get up and do something. As I looked back at her I saw again that perfect smile that was aimed at me. This time there was no mistake and her green eyes seemed to invite me close to her as they were shining like the most powerful headlights.

“Shit… I am doing this!” I muttered to myself and started moving in her direction while I struggled to shake off the last traces of doubt that were still stressing my heart.

John even pushed me slightly from behind, in a desperate attempt to make me get to the bar faster. I remembered that and I was going to pay him back later on when he least expected it.

At 6’3” I was no short guy and since I was a gym lover my body was toned with a respectable 6pack at its rightful place. The well-defined shape of my body was easily noticeable through the fabric of my white shirt that was slightly see-through. I mean, I was no fool to make that choice when I left the house because I knew the chicks would ‘dig it’.

This fancy bird widened her smile as I approached her, while her eyes were scanning me relentlessly from head to toe. They moved at an incredible speed just like a lighthouse as she was trying to catch every angle of my body. That simple realization gave me the chills on the arch of my spine.   

When I finally reached the bar, I felt like Armstrong when he first set foot on the moon. Shit, victory was mine, all was needed now was to find the best words to make her fall in my net. From up close she was even more beautiful and enticing and her body was moving slightly on the rhythm of the music as if she wanted to tease me just a little to start the fire burning.

“Took you a while to get here.” She teased me with her soothing voice now and I couldn’t help showing her a cheeky smile along with my dimples that had broken so many hearts over the years.

“Well, I wanted to make sure you were smiling at me and not to some other guy in the club… you know how this goes on.”