For a lot of us, it is natural to encounter a period in which we simply do not find proper joy in having sexual relationships. This can be triggered by both mental issues as well as physical ones, where the physical sexual dysfunction has become an increasingly concerning issue in the United States among males.

There are a number of reasons why the rates have surged up high for people suffering from sexual disorders and erectile dysfunction, with the large part correlating with stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. An official clinical report has also found that age contributes greatly to the sexual response of men, with people in their early to mid-50s being at the highest risk for potential importancy during sex. In statistical terms, the chance of this occurring for males above the age of 50 is 3 times more likely compared with men in their early adulthood.

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But, why is this important? Obviously, the lack of a proper sexual relationship does foreshadow significant problems in a relationship, with sex being a key part of growing understanding and maintaining intimacy within two partners. Therefore, a low sexual desire is one of the biggest reasons associated with divorces and marital separation, and these can cause horrible psychological impacts which will heavily tune down your quality of life.

What ensues from this list of misfortunes is dangerously low levels of confidence, poor self-esteem and higher levels of emotional stress. You are more likely to feel anxious and depressed when encountering a life crisis such as this than you would while having a perfectly satisfying sexual relationship with your partner.

We also forget that our mental health is closely connected with our physical health, and thus, a severe impact on our mental states will, in turn, affect our physical states for the worse. We will become liable to unhealthy lifestyle practices, such as excessive drinking and more to compensate for the loss that we feel within our hearts. This is not ideal and what follows is another frightening list of misfortunes and losses.

It is also believed that sex can bring about an array of health benefits directly, and not only through emotional and psychological impacts. Our bodies are made to feel physically relieved and at peace after sex, for the touch of a loved one and the intense pleasure felt during a climax makes our bodies release a few chemical substances. These substances are known to mitigate physiological pain as well as improve our immune system. While it is important for young males to have a healthy immunity system, it is near critical for people in their mid-50s to ensure a perfectly functioning and quite healthy immunity system.

One research has also suggested that those who maintain a healthy and happy relationship with their significant other will have lower chances of facing chronic diseases as well as have an extended life span due to elevated mood and a healthy body. Therefore, you cannot have a relationship ending because of poor sexual drive or not ‘making it’ in bed.


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