Ingredients: What is potassium benzoate?

Potassium benzoate is a food preservative. According to NCBI (the National Center for Biotechnology Information), potassium benzoate can work in two possible ways: Food preservative – food preservatives act to stop or inhibit the fermentation process Acidification – potassium benzoate acts to deteriorate a specific food product We mostly recognize the potassium benzoate as fungistatic. […]

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Tribulus Terrestris Extract

What is Tribulus Terrestris? Tribulus Terrestris is a leafy plant that has other names as goat’s head, caltrop, puncture vine, and Gokshura. After a period of one to two years, this plant grows to fifty centimeters. Small yellow leaves tend to grow on these plants with the length up to 5 cm. These flowers have […]

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