Devil In Disguise | Ch-4

Her blush was now more than obvious and her auburn hair amplified that effect turning on to the extreme. “So…” I muttered approaching my lips to hers. Angela’s lips were tripping in expectation as she braced for impact; suddenly she bails on me and pulls her lips away. “Shall we go up… I… I…” she […]

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The fact that she learned I was a CEO, probably weighted a bit, but I chose not to think of that aspect too much since I just wanted to fuck her and nothing else but that. Whatever reason convinced her to fall into my arms was good enough for me and I was not planning […]

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Devil in disguise | Ch-1

It was 9pm by now, and I was chilling on the couch trying to relax my mind and take it away from all the shit I had to deal with at work; being a CEO might sound fancy but all the problems smash against your head every single second. My wife, Maria was cooking some […]

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