Modern technology has come a long way from simple bells and whistles, bringing new methods for people to be closer even when they are hundreds of kilometres apart. With people having more long-distance relationships or issues that have caused separation, technology has turned into one’s best and most reliable partner.

While dildos and kink-based toys have always reigned in the market for sex toys, a new and rather interesting concept of male masturbators has caused quite an uproar recently. The SenseMax SenseTube vibrator is powered by VR technology, bringing pleasure to a literally new momentum. The design and technology are fascinating because it incorporates something incredibly personal with the most modern functions so that you can get an out-of-the-world feeling while jerking off.

How VR Masturbators Are Reshaping Male Masturbation

According to the US Census Bureau, nearly 45.2% of the whole population is single. The lack of romantic relationships can be a significant deterrent while maintaining a healthy and active sexual life. What this indicates is that more men need to rely on their own hands and internet to do the deed by themselves.

Self-masturbation is something we all have performed, and it’s inevitable that an individual does take pleasure through solo means. Now, considering how many people in the United States have no option but get themselves off on their own, it’s possible that online content has become redundant and unable to pleasure these people who’ve seen everything all too much already. In the end, we crave too much of reality to take pleasure in passive content.

Therefore, what virtual reality masturbators offer is something different to the passive content we’ve had to ingest in for our pleasure. It allows us to vividly experience the thing in front of us, despite in a slightly restricted manner. While we cannot touch the people we see, it helps when we become the centre of the attention and have an active role in everything we see.

VR helps us to visually and auditorily surround ourselves with our fantasy content. It makes us stand in the position of the one who’s experiencing it and with this focus suddenly shifted into only pleasuring us, the whole thing becomes a more thrilling and even realistic situation.

What SenseMax SenseTube Brings to the Table

Combine the pleasures attained from interactive porn through VR technology to having a technology-assisted non-hand-held device moving down through your penis and emulating the movements performed in the porn you’re watching. If you haven’t figured it out already, you will basically be in the most realistic porn experience ever imagined.

SenseMax SenseTube brings exactly that heightened level of sexual pleasure through their VR-based male masturbator. This device works solely to stimulate and emulate the pleasure felt within the pornographic content you’re viewing. The texture inside of the device matches the texture of a female vagina, making it all the more realistic to experience.

Through SenseMax SenseTube, you are given the full-fledged experience of having sex without ever needing an actual physical partner around you. You’re also spared from the trouble of having to get your hands dirty, as the SenseTube vibrator does everything for you.

The Technology of SenseTube

The design of the SenseTube is incredibly discreet, making it easy to keep around your belongings without anyone ever getting suspicious of the device. With just a long silicone tube on the outside, the device looks fairly similar to a standard air diffuser or something comparably mundane. It is also very lightweight, weighing around 540 grams and this makes it easier to handle the entire device.

Furthermore, you can choose among 5 varying vibrating patterns, each mimicking different feelings and environments. There’s also a set of 18 different speeds and pulses, and this in total guarantees the most realistic experience of having sex without a second partner.

One of the most talked about function in this device is the airlock system. This enables you to adjust the suction power to your preferred level. This imitates the feeling of receiving fellatio or having penetrative sex. Due to the strength of the suction cup, you can also mount the device on to a steady counter and let the tube do all the work for you.

Inside the Box

The box that comes with the SenseTube is as discreet as the device itself. It’s a sturdy white box with an elegant design and no hint whatsoever to it being a sex toy, unless you read the instructions at the back.

As you open the box, you will find a long tube coming in either white or black colour, depending on what you chose while purchasing. This is the main body of the SenseTube. Alongside it, you will receive a handy instruction manual which explains all the titbits of using the device effectively.

The tube comes with an ergonomic shape and grip while the silicone makes it feel comfortable and light. Attached right under the tube is the charging and drying stand, which can be removed by taking off the outer silicone cover. You can charge the device by using the magnetic USB cable which comes with the overall package, and one complete charge will last you nearly 2 hours of use.

How to Use the SenseTube

The SenseTube can be used solo or through the VR feature. However, you should note that you can only use one of the 5 vibrating patterns when paired up with the VR feature, but the 18 speeds will still be available for use.

Before you put the device inside your penis, you need to apply a good level of water-based lubricant inside both the device and your penis. The buttons on the side will help you alternate between different speeds, and if you’re using SenseTube without VR, you can also change up the vibrating patterns from here.

While using it initially, there might be some inner resistance within the device. This will make it more difficult to put the tube inside of your penis but after you get a hang of it, the process becomes much smoother. This tightness can also accelerate your feeling of pleasure while the automatic strokes will make the experience all the more heavenly.

How to Use the SenseTube Via App

SenseMax has their own mobile app that can be downloaded for both Android and IOS users. This app has a number of professionally produced pornographic content ready at your disposal. In addition to this, you can also find 5 different VR-compatible videos that go hand-in-hand with SenseTube’s functions.

Therefore, as you pick and choose from the VR porn, you will receive vibrations on your penis that matches the pace and feeling of what’s being shown on screen. The whole production works entirely to give you a true-to-life experience of having sexual intercourse with professional pornographic models.

But the best is yet to be mentioned – everything that you see in the videos are made to be interactive. This means you will be able to change the camera angle at a 360-degree movement to be in whichever position you want to be in. You can also change the movements on your SenseTube device and it is likely that the characters will react to your movements.

If you’re in a rush, SenseMax lets you speed up your climaxing time. There is a button labelled MAX on the device, and after pressing it, you will automatically be taken to the most passionate scene in the video while the vibrating speed will double up to finally make you orgasm.

How to Clean the SenseMax SenseTube

The silicone sleeve is very easy to remove from the drying base of the device. You can use a damp cloth to wipe away any filth from the stand while the sleeve can be turned inside-out for a better wash.

Don’t worry about the silicone losing its silkiness after a thorough cleaning. Once you have the sleeve dried up, it instantly goes back to its soft and comfy state.

The ease of cleaning the device and how washing does not affect the quality and feel of the material is definitely a plus point for SenseMax’s technology.

Are There Any Downsides?

SenseTube has actually revolutionised the way men can look at technology-assisted masturbation. The overall mechanism and the material type used to manufacture this device is definitely something which goes into its good graces.

However, what about the downsides? Are there any for this handy little device? It is true that you have to follow a few rules to properly use the SenseTube and this can be quite an inconvenience. For example, you cannot use the vibrator without a water-based lubricant and some people might find this to be a significant drawback.

Other than this, you also cannot use the MAX button without the mobile app. This might not be a great disadvantage but you will find the porn videos to be rather biased on hetero-sexual content. This does leave out a large demographic of non-heterosexual males who would like to take pleasure with this software.

The Benefits of Masturbating

If you’re not completely convinced of using the SenseTube for your own pleasure, you might be interested in knowing a few research-based facts on why masturbation is beneficial to men.

  1. It Improves Your Immune System

The release of semen increases the level of a specific chemical in your body. The hormone cortisol functions by moving within your biological system and helping your immune system to work better. Therefore, you are more likely to be healthier and immune against viruses and diseases through healthy masturbation.

  • You Are Less Likely to Get Cancer

According a study conducted in 2004, men who tend to ejaculate more have a 33% reduced chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer, compared with those who ejaculate only 4-7 times a month.

  • You Will Have a Longer Life

There’s also been a study which has found that men experiencing two or more orgasms per week are likely to have a longer life. On the other hand, men who have had less than two orgasms per moth are likely to die earlier than others.

  • Your Heart Becomes Stronger

A study published by Massachusetts Aging Study found that men who have a healthy sexual life with more orgasms per week, have better reports on their heart conditions. The chances of them suffering from cardiovascular diseases is very low, while those who are less inclined on masturbating are 45% more likely to suffer from such heart conditions.

  •  You Have Longer Lasting Erections

Climaxing before your partner does is a common issue faced by men who can’t seem to last very long in bed. This makes it very difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner as the he/she will always remain dissatisfied with your sexual life.

However, it has been proven that the more you practice on keeping your penis rigid and increase your climaxing time while masturbating, the better the chances are of lasting longer in bed.

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