Potassium benzoate is a food preservative.

According to NCBI (the National Center for Biotechnology Information), potassium benzoate can work in two possible ways:

  1. Food preservative – food preservatives act to stop or inhibit the fermentation process
  2. Acidification – potassium benzoate acts to deteriorate a specific food product

We mostly recognize the potassium benzoate as fungistatic.

Fungistatic is an agent to stop the growth of fungi and its ability to reproduce inside a food product.

Foods which contain potassium benzoate:

According to PubChem, naturally occurring potassium benzoate is present in berries. In these fruits, potassium benzoate acts as a natural fungistatic. Cranberries contain the highest amount of potassium benzoic acid (naturally occurring).

According to the research of Frontiers in Microbiology, we can add the benzoate salts to different pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, beverages, and food products within a range of 0.03-0.3%.

  • In carbonated drinks as soda waters, regular or diet, we use potassium benzoate.
  • Sodium benzoate has priority in use on potassium benzoate.
  • Other than it, potassium benzoate is present in juices, syrups, jams, cider, and pickles.

However, when you need to reduce the sodium content in a specific food product, you can easily use potassium benzoate as an alternative to sodium benzoate.

How can you use potassium benzoate?

Following the guidelines of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), potassium benzoate is a safe chemical to use for consumption purposes.

According to the FDA, potassium benzoate can act as a preservative for liquids and food products while it can also act as a flavoring agent for different food products.

If you use a small amount of potassium benzoate, you can effectively prevent the growth and reproduction of different:

It can be used as a food flavor because this compound can impart a tang to specific foods.

The controversy of potassium benzoate:

If you combine vitamin C (ascorbic acid), potassium benzoate, and sodium, then a by-product of these ingredients can be benzene (a carcinogenic agent).

In the year 2007, the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition did testing on soft drinks, which were susceptible to the presence of benzene in them.

According to the results of these tests, some of the drinks were containing higher than normal concentration.

But now, according to the American Beverage Association, those products went through reformulation and reviews so, their standards are now optimal.

If you keep the products containing these compounds in excessive light or heat exposure, they can form a little amount of benzene in them. It can also happen if you keep them for a longer shelf-life. It can lead to a small safety concern.

Composition of potassium benzoate:

If you need to synthesize the potassium benzoate chemically, then you can achieve this purpose through the benzoic acid solution.  Benzoic acid is a result of the toluene oxidation.

You can make a reaction of benzoic acid with potassium carbonate, potassium bicarbonate, or potassium hydroxide.

According to Dow Chemical Company, if you want to obtain the high and pure yield of potassium benzoate, then you should react to the potassium hydroxide with benzoic acid.

In appearance, potassium benzoate is:

  • White or colorless
  • The granular or crystalline powder

Other names for potassium benzoate are potassium salt of:

  • Phenyl carboxylic acid
  • Benzene carboxylic acid

The pH of benzoic acid is 4.2.

If you want to use the benzoic acid as a food preservative, then you must consume it under low-pH as below the 4.5 pH.

Mechanism of action:

The mechanism of potassium benzoate is similar to sodium benzoate. It is also similar to sorbates, but it differs a bit from natamycin (another food preservative).

  • When potassium benzoate combines with proton and dissociates in the H2O (water), it forms benzoic acid.
  • In the next step, this benzoic acid enters the cell wall of microbes and inhibits cell growth.
  • This is the whole mechanism of potassium benzoate to inhibit microbial production and food preservation.

Health benefits of potassium benzoate:

Following The National Kidney Foundation, if a patient is suffering from chronic kidney disease, he/she might not be able to maintain the potassium levels in the blood.

If you want to meet the requirement of potassium inside the body, then you can add potassium benzoate in your diet.

According to the Indian Health Service,

  • A 16-ounce bottle of ice tea contains 60 mg of potassium from the potassium sorbate and potassium benzoate.
  • Similarly, a 12-ounce diet soda can is containing 28 mg potassium from potassium benzoate compound.

Sexual health:

The optimal concentration of potassium is vital for the normal sexual health of an individual. Imbalance of potassium concentration can lead to cardiovascular problems. But, even you consider yourself healthy, you still need potassium for a healthy reproductive life.

People who regularly consume alcohol, beverages, and drugs tend to filter out their body potassium. This nutrient sweeps out of the body through sweating.

 The release of potassium can cause:

  • Increase in the sodium concentration inside the body
  • A feeling of swelling and bloating
  • Less interest in sexual activities
  • Slowing down of metabolism

If you counteract these higher levels of sodium with potassium, then you can:

  • Increase your cardiovascular activity
  • Improve body communication with the brain
  • Improve muscle endurance and power
  • Improve sexual activities with more interest and stamina


Along with sexual health, potassium is also essential for overall body health.

You should consume about 2000 mg of potassium daily either in the forms of supplements or naturally occurring foods.

Sodium-potassium balance is the main factor for your cardiovascular health. Other than it, this balance helps to regulate your heartbeats and generate your muscle contractions.

You can suffer from deterioration regarding your sexual health if your potassium intake is less.

A less potassium intake can cause:

  • Hypertension
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of interest
  • Mood swings
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Congestive heart failure

Alpha male plus male enhancement supplements are available in the market and stores online.

These supplements are effective in combating the problems regarding your sexual health. These supplements have FDA approval regarding their safety concerns. These supplements can be obtained in the form of capsules, tablets, and liquid products.

You can choose the supplement of your choice according to your requirement.

  • Always refer to your physician before choosing a supplement for consumption.
  • In the case of side-effects or reactions, stop the use of that specific product.

Side-effects of potassium benzoate:

According to PubChem, there are no significant side-effects of potassium benzoate consumption from foods. However, if you get exposure to potassium benzoate alone, then it can cause eye or skin irritation.

If you suffer from any kind of reaction after the consumption of potassium benzoate, then stop its use. You might be suffering from potassium intolerance or potassium allergy.

It is your personal decision to continue or stop the consumption of potassium benzoate. Food manufacturers and companies tend to mention the ingredients and composition of products on their labels. If you decide to avoid the potassium benzoate, then read the ingredients on the label.


Potassium benzoate is a food preservative and a source of body potassium. Optimal levels of potassium are necessary for sexual and overall body health. Alpha male plus male enhancement supplements can best serve the purpose of improving sexual health among men.