Her blush was now more than obvious and her auburn hair amplified that effect turning on to the extreme.

“So…” I muttered approaching my lips to hers.

Angela’s lips were tripping in expectation as she braced for impact; suddenly she bails on me and pulls her lips away.

“Shall we go up… I… I…” she stuttered now, and I realized there was no way around. In fact, I wanted to go up myself as I desired her more than anything. A thought had crossed my mind to have her right there, right there next to that wall, but it was a highly traveled sidewalk and someone might see us.

“Up?” she raised her eyebrows nodding her head slightly.

I rolled my eyes and finally agreed to break that moment of tension. At the same time, I looked at my phone to make sure no one called me. I knew I had to set it on silent as well as I had the perfect alibi at hand. During important meetings, my phone always stayed outside the room so I could focus and be there 100%!

Angela grabbed my hand now and pulled me through the front door of the hotel; she had booked the room, so there was no need for me to pass by the clerk’s office. We went now straight to the elevators, where we were lucky enough to catch an empty one; Angela sought immediately to take advantage of that situation and almost placed on of her feet on my shoulder; this one was extremely gymnastic and I guess that was one of the reasons why she fucked so well… cause she could do all kinds of twisted Kamasutra positions that were a blessing to the cock.

“Fuck me here!” she demanded, but the trip was too short.

“Twenty seconds? Have you lost your mind?” I replied and as a punishment, Angela wrapped her legs around my waist now, hanging like ripe fruit from a tree.

“One second is more than none!” she basted me and bit my lower lips, causing mayhem of red lipstick on my chin.

What else could I say to her in such a situation, and soon the elevator door opened, revealing our twisted situation to a couple of old fancy folks, who were probably rich as fuck as well and were living the good life in their old age. Too bad, fucking was out of the question for them now J

The woman put up a grossed up face as she looked at us while the man was more of “Dayum, I used to do that shit myself when I was young… way to go!” type.

We both grinned and left the elevator in a rush, luckily our room was only a few feet away. Angela opened the door with her card and pulled me inside so fast by my collar you say she was trying to hide me from a chasing police squad.

“You crazy, was all I got to say as she threw that coat away and pushed me against the wall in a rain of kisses and caressing hands.

“I want you now!” she growled at me almost and I felt completely defenseless.,

Luckily, I had my Alpha Male Plus & wipes with me to give her a night to remember; a quick pill and a rub on my cock to make grow like never before and I was ready for action. Angela knew exactly what I was doing as that was not the first time I was using Alpha Male Products and she had enjoyed the benefits before.

The excitement was all over her face as I was doing my thing and she just looked at my cock, how it was growing even more as it was hard already from the elevator.  

“My God, it’s huge…” she grinned, and then she dropped the panties right in front of me walking towards the next room of that flat just like a model parades on a catwalk.

She made signs with her index and I just followed my instincts; to my surprise, I found a room with fancy wine, scented candles, and a bed that was begging for some shaking.

“You did your lessons well!” I grinned and that was the last thing I managed to do, as Angela stormed at me and grabbed my balls and cock with her right hand, caressing them gently, right before she fell to her knees.

I guess she could not resist temptation and wanted to see how her lips felt wrapped around my burning cock; my heart itself was beating through it, pulsating every second with the help of alpha male plus, and since and was not the kind to back down from a challenge, Angela started sucking my cock with a thirst I had never experienced before. Her tongue was working the best magic I ever felt and she was pulling with her lips as if she wanted to suck the very life out of me.

She moaned even louder than I did, but it was clear we both walked on the pinnacles of pleasure, but I had no intention to cum any time sooner, not with the help of Alpha Male Plus! I ate her a bit too, but she kept begging me to trade my lips for my cock as she wanted to feel me deep inside her.

“Fuck me like it’s the first time!” she moaned and grabbed my neck with both her hands pulling me towards her. Three rounds that night wasted us both; at the end of it we were slain of power and simply sat on our back on the white sheets of the hotel. It was epic, three hours of sex the drew us both close to the threshold of heaven and it was all possible to Alpha Male plus, a wonder pill, that really works miracles!