The first time Angela and I fucked, I sweated her like no other and showed her some real loving; I guess that is one of the reasons she chose to stick around for so long. Her orgasms with me were one of a kind and I could feel how her body shivered in my hands each time I penetrated her with stone hard cock.  

“You’ll have me, baby, for as long as you want… you’ll get enough of it!”

“Will I?” she giggled and then showed me a glimpse of her fine ass that was wearing only a tiny pair of tongs. “You are my alpha male!” she then grinned and put an end to the conversation, leaving me out in the open with no warning and with a hard cock as well.

As I was driving the remaining distance to the hotel, in front of my eyes I could only see her rosy nipples and the giant arousal they caused on my tongue. Angela, despite her name, was a devil in disguise without a doubt; she always knew how to turn me on and how to turn me around whenever I tried to break free of her spell.

She had gotten under my skin just like a virus that has no cure and now was working me just the way she wanted to have me. Pure excitement was running through my veins now, just like a drug that was causing me a high, and I could only think of her and how she looked and how she smelled, that skin that felt like fallen straight out of the heavens. It was maddening only to think of it, let alone to feel it under the skin of my fingers and to caress it with my hungry lips.

Each time we had sex, I felt like tasting a little bit of heaven and normally I wanted more and more until I couldn’t breathe anymore. It was suffocating literally, but I didn’t want to back down, I couldn’t afford to as Angela was more important than oxygen to me in those moments.

As I finally reached the hotel, I pulled in the parking lot like I was Schumacher; the tires screeched against the asphalt leaving dark marks behind. I grabbed then my phone from it support and I rushed towards the front door to enter the hotel lobby. My plan was to call her before reaching the clerk’s desk, but it looked like Angela had different plans in mind and wanted to surprise me. This sort of behavior had become something of a rule to her as she was always spontaneous and always did things the last manner I could think of.

I didn’t get to reach the front door, and suddenly she appears in front of my eyes, dressed in a crème trench coat stretching below her knees and, and puffing from one of those thin cigarettes only women use. She blew the smoke right in my face causing me to choke a little. I was no stranger to tobacco, as I loved my good old Havanas, but you know how this goes… it’s fine when you smoke it and feels like shit when some smokes next to you and you don’t.

“Ohh, babe, I didn’t think I would find you here.”

She smiled and dragged again; “Really? And where did you think you would find me?”

I tried to keep my cool temper and show that I was in control of the situation.

“I don’t know, inside the hotel room; I was just about to call you.” I replied and showed her the phone I was holding in my hand.

“No need for that now…” she mumbled with the voice of a slay queen; her eyes looked the same appearing as if she was not giving me any attention or importance as she gazed into the distance, probably towards the streets lights that stretched one after another like old giants from the myths that had lost their origin through time.

“Indeed…” I smiled waiting for her to tell me what next… and she did something that took me by surprise again. Angela touched the right side of her neck with her index as she pushed her head slightly to the side. She didn’t utter any words as she performed that moment as I was probably supposed to understand this sign language from the very start.

Like a fool I am sometimes, I didn’t do anything about it and simply gazed at that area of her neck, gesture that pushed her to touch her neck with her index again. She probably hoped, this time I would wake up from my slumber and do the rigtht thing.

With her cigarette done now, she threw it to the metal bin especially designed for smokers and then looked straight into my eyes.   

“What are you waiting for?” she then asked and the tone of her voice, sounded so guttural that it caused me to wonder what I was waiting for myself.

“For the next surprise?” I mumbled and she touched her neck with her index the third time.

“You won’t get to see anything if you don’t act upon it now!”

Her grin was more than obvious at this point and I understood exactly what she wanted. I stormed my lips at her neck and kiss-bit her slightly just so she could feel my excitement and the sexual energy running through my veins.

“Ahh…” she gasped and I couldn’t tell if that was pleasure or pain.

“Did I act right?” I whispered to her ear as I slowly caressed her earlobe with my wet tongue. “Did I?”

Angela did not use any words this time, and simply opened her trench coat revealing her naked tits and the panties I had seen through the phone.

“You are fucking crazy!” I gasped and only got to glance at those treasures once as she pulled the coat back.

“I told you this night was full of surprises and this is just the start of it;” she giggled and tried to get away from me.

I couldn’t let that happen, not after she teased me for so long, giving me little bits of pleasure only to keep me alive and interested. My right hand went pressed against the wall, creating a barrier that prevented her from moving further.

“Where do you think you are going?”

She grinned and looked at me like one of those little girls who know they hadn’t done their homework and know they cannot lie their way through the situation.

“Inside?” she muttered “It’s getting a bit chilly, doesn’t it?”

It was mid June, god damn it… what cold was she talking about, if this wasn’t just another way of hers to tease me.  

“It’s a freaking oven out here… and you are feeling cold?”

I could feel Angela melting in my trap now, and that old slay queen was gone too; she did have her way of jumping from one sensation to another and from one attitude to an opposite one. Some would call this a childish game, but I just loved it as it turned on the wildest instincts inside me.