The fact that she learned I was a CEO, probably weighted a bit, but I chose not to think of that aspect too much since I just wanted to fuck her and nothing else but that. Whatever reason convinced her to fall into my arms was good enough for me and I was not planning on ruining it in any way.

“You are crazy, you know that…” I replied and I could hear her starting laughing.  

“That’s why you like me best!” she then giggled and closed the phone.

“Fuck…” I sighed, again looking at my wife who was a great woman, but this little red-headed bitch was turning my stomach inside out each time we fucked and I could feel her the way I couldn’t feel any other woman, not even Maria. She was wild in her nature and a beast in bed; Angela never backed down from any outlandish proposal and she seemed to do everything to please me with the utmost passion.

I had lost the chain of lies I told my wife to hide my affair, and sometimes that very thought made me feel miserable because I knew she was faithful to me. Still, that little hungry devil hiding inside of me would always turn my head around and push me in the arms of that fiery redhead. 

I shoved the phone in my pocket and with the face of a samaritan I walked up to my wife to give her the ‘bad news’.

“Baby, I… I…” my voice stuttered at this point and she could tell there was something wrong.

“What happened baby, who called you?”

“Baby, you know I promised you…” I started whining “But they fucked things up at work and now, I am the one who must fix things up. It’s one of the biggest clients of our law firm, one that was supposed to do a merger with another tycoon in the industry. One of our lawyers messed things up bad and the representatives almost fought.”

Maria looked at me with puzzled eyes; her head turned slightly to the pots on the stove and I could tell she was having a hard time keeping back her tears from falling. The beautiful bright eyes of hers were watering still, but only slightly.

She dropped the little towel she was holding, her eyes rolled with despair.

“Fine, GO… I have struggled so much for nothing… just go!” she replied with a controlled rage.

“Baby, I know, I am sorry… I have to….” I replied trying to excuse myself, but deep down I knew I was a fucking jerk who was lying out of my teeth.

I was neck-deep in this shit and knew there was no way for me to back down because the entire charade would crumble before me.

“I promise I will make it up to you!” I tried to smile and kiss her cheek at the same time, but she turned away from me.

“Just fucking Go, and leave me alone god damn it!”

Maria turned off the stove with the food half cooked and left to our bedroom; on her way up she turned her pretty head towards me and sighed.

“This was supposed to be our special night, but it looks like you have kept your habit of ruining everything.”      

The money I was making was playing a big role in our life and relationship, but I could feel sometimes my wife was sick of it and all the luxuries it could buy.

On the other hand, I would lie to myself for yet another night, delving in the carnal pleasures this woman offered me, hoping that the other things would make up for my mischievous ways.

I grabbed the fanciest suit I could get my hands on, you know, one of those four figures pieces, then I made sure to grab my Alpha Male Plus and Alpha Male wipes for long-lasting incredible growth and then I rushed to the garage, to jump in my Porsche Cayenne. I didn’t use that car too often, especially when I went to work, and I preferred to keep it as a leisure vehicle for whenever I did something it was not related to work. 

The phone started ringing again as I pulled out and started driving on the main lane; this time it was a face time call. As I accepted the call, it hit me right in the face right away. Angela was sitting completely topless in front of the camera, rubbing her giant tits in my face and I have to admit it gave me a hard-on in seconds.

“Gawd Dayum, woman… what are you doing there?”

She jiggled them a bit for me, as a private show, arousing me and which caused me to step on the gas peddle racing down the freeway like I just robbed a bank.

“Have you lost your mind?” I asked her again and I could hear her chuckle as she stuck her right index finger in her mouth.

“I told you I am dying to have you… I am horny, I can feel my skin is about to take fire if you don’t come soon enough.”

“I am coming, I am coming…” “Don’t rush with that, cause I want you for more than a moment!” she teased me instantly, but I knew I couldn’t fail as long as I had my Alpha male products with me. The wipes and the pills were turning me into a fucking stallion who could last for more than an hour straight at times.