It was 9pm by now, and I was chilling on the couch trying to relax my mind and take it away from all the shit I had to deal with at work; being a CEO might sound fancy but all the problems smash against your head every single second.

My wife, Maria was cooking some noodles in the kitchen dressed with tight short pants that revealed half her ass for me to admire; at the same time, I was losing myself in her black curls that stretched half way to her waist. Some would call me the luckiest man on earth, with a beautiful wife, great job and the life some people only dream of at night.

That was no luck, as I worked for that life since I have known myself and I did not back down from grinding my way up to the top. I was not the kind of man who took no for an answer, and I could not find my rest when things did not happen the way I wanted them to happen. Some calls me an asshole, but we all know too well you can’t succeed in this concrete jungle if you are too soft; those sharks out there would eat you whole the moment they set their eyes on you.   

Life is a game of survival where only the strongest thrive and weaklings find their way to the trash can; this kind of life comes with its pros and cons as well, and it’s so hard not to fall prey to its temptations.

My phone began ringing like crazy, breaking my moment of reverie; I broke the chain of thought that took over my mind and I instantly forgot what I was even thinking about.

Maria shouted out; “Richard, your phone is ringing, aren’t you going to pick up?”

I was a few feet away from the coffee table where the phone was resting and I had to pull some effort to get up from the comfortable leather couch.

“Do you want me to pick it up?” my wife asked again and I didn’t even get to reply and she grabbed it to bring it up to me.

She was so reckless and relaxed about it that she didn’t even bother to look at the screen to see who was calling me. Maria held the phone face down as she was walking towards me.

“Come and take it already, I don’t want to ruin my food.” She added with her pristine while smile and then she blew me a kiss through the air for me to catch it.  

I smiled back and grabbed the phone;

“Thanks, you’re the sweetest!” I complimented her and then tried to figure out who dared to bother me at that hour.

That Sunday was one of the few days off I had, since I usually leave the office around 11pm at night and sometimes even later on in the evening. I had told everyone at the office to give me a fucking break… even if an avalanche came over and buried them to death.

For that reason, I was rather surprised to hear the phone ringing and before I even looked at the screen, I had already started cursing in my head at the name of that person who dared to break my moment of silence.

Suddenly, the torrent of curses froze in my head as I glanced at the number; I hadn’t saved it in my phone book because that would me straight death for me. My right hand began to shake almost out of control now as I looked at the ringing phone. I knew that number all too well, and I couldn’t believe it was calling at that hour. Another thing I knew too well, was the fact that I was bound to pick it up otherwise it would keep calling until the middle of the night.  

“What is wrong with you?” I ground my teeth as I walked a few steps further away from my wife making sure she didn’t hear what I was saying.

“Baby, why are you being so rough with me all of a sudden?” the woman at the other end replied with a lascivious voice “Didn’t I tell you already I only like it rough in bed?”

“Angela!!! Have you lost your mind… I am at home right now, with my wife… what the fuck do you want from me?”

“You know what I want…” she gasped, her wicked voice reaching to the depts of my head; a sea of goose bumps took over my skin instantly, as this vamp knew exactly how to turn those buttons on. “I want you! NOW!” she added with an imperative voice worthy of queens.

“I can’t leave the house right now; it is my day off and I promised my wife I would spend it with her. You know how much time I spend at work…”

She was merciless with me that night; “I don’t care, Richard… I don’t give a fuck, you tell your wife whatever lie you feel best and come meet me at Rochester Hotel on 5th avenue and 27th.”

I lost my breath altogether as I was caught in a death trap with seemingly no way to escape in one piece. One eye glanced at my wife who was sweating next to the stove while the other lying in bed with perfect auburn hair and meaty lips waiting to suck my dick. Her perfect white skin tormented my dreams from the very day I saw her and I was the one who chased her, not the other way around.