In 2019, the wellness world was dominated by intermittent, CBD, and meditation fasting. At a time when the global wellness and health industry is of about $4 trillion worth, as per CB Insights. Experts from the Global Wellness Summit which is an international association created by wellness, health and spa industry leaders, told their predictions for the hottest health trends of 2020. The beginning of 2020 is unique in various ways. We’re not only easing into a new year but also stepping into a new decade. Unlike in the previous years where health was concentrated on fragmented goals like dieting for weight loss, the trend this year is taking care of oneself in each aspect. 2020 is a new year, a new chance and a new decade to become your great self. In previous decades, the mind-body connection was not something seen as commonplace in society. But now, it is completely different. In 2020, wellness will be seen as something accessible to everybody. Besides, there will be a large movement towards increasing wellness by improving and establishing small habits. But overall, it is significant to keep in mind that there’s not just one way to be best or do anything. Everything is an individual choice. From improving our minds to outer changes, biohacking /fitness, here’re the hottest health trends that will dominate 2020.

 AI and Virtual Reality

digital wellness and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are booming in the health and tech world. The growth of personalized medicine and AI offers more trends in personal preventing, diagnosing, and treating many health conditions through info gathered from big data sets. For instance, by answering a few questions on a few health sites, you can be directed to therapists, doctors or given treatment options based on your answers. virtual reality and AI are also growing in the fitness sector by providing personalized workout, or recovery, routines based on many health indicators. Our computers, phones, and smartwatches will continue to offer ways to track info as they try to connect us to the great health provider, exercise or treatment tailored to your precise requirements. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can mimic the ability of humans to interpret data among other things. It is being used in a variety of fitness products involving Tonal, which’s a smart gym that utilizes digital weights up to 200 pounds. It’ll adjust to every user’s body and skill level. You can exercise with a virtual trainer or select from on-demand classes. This kind of technology can also importantly improve screenings for diseases. For instance, a study showed that AI was able to diagnose breast cancer perfect than pathologists. AI is also used in applications like Babylon, which evaluates symptoms the similar way a doctor will, giving users 24 or 7 access to health care.

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Many years later, it is safe to say meditation is not a fad. While viewed in the previous decades as woo or something just for precise religions, this spiritual practice has gone mainstream. Studies have shown meditation can improve overall wellbeing, emotional state, and focus. If you are intimidated by the thought of meditation, then you’re possibly the type of person who requires to meditate the most. The trick is to find a kind of meditation that you connect with. For beginners, any type of guided meditation is great. It allows you to concentrate your mind instead of paying attention to all of the thoughts in your head. Select an exact meditation that will serve you, whether it is to energize, relax, and forgive. There’s an endless amount of videos on YouTube and application such as a Calm. TM or Transcendental Meditation is a form of mantra meditation practiced for 20 mints twice a day. A perfect amount of research has shown TM to be effective for reducing stress, anxiety and boost brain function. Anybody can learn this practice, but it must be done in person with a certified instructor. Metta meditation can be a perfect way to kick off the New Year. Concentrated on loving-kindness, it is the best way to let go of the past resentments from the previous decade and begin anew.

Nad (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) 

NAD is well known within the science world but just now making its way into the mainstream wellness and health space. Our body naturally produces NAD but as we experience and age stress the amount declines. For instance, when you are sixty years old a person’s NAD levels are about half of what they’re at the age of 40. NAD is super significant as we age because it repairs your cells, increases your metabolism at the cellular level and assists turn all the food and drinks we consume into energy. Many companies now sell NAD supplements but one of the most effective ways of increasing your NAD is through a precursor that assists your body naturally produces on its own. Tru Niagen does accurately that. This wellness hack is so significant still talked about very small. Ensure to make NAD supplementation a priority in your wellness and health routine in the new year.

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Wearable Technology 

In new year’s, varied wearable technology involving sleep monitors, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and GPS tracking devices have emerged. These fitness devices that have dominated the market are here to stay, well minimum in 2020. They enable users to input biological data to distance walked, monitor weight, sitting time, and calorie intake to create customized fitness programmers. According to a survey by the American College of Sports Medicine, wearable technology will be the top fitness and health trend this year. It’s estimated that the wearable technology industry is worth Sh9.5 trillion.

Diving into Nature

With most of us spending more and more time staring at screens, the relief to get away from technology continues to be a trend several are looking for. Urban dwelling is very growing worldwide, and people are feeling the require for space and getting back in touch with nature. Spending time in nature can are a common occurrence for you growing up, but now spending time in nature generally entails much more possible and planning travel. Several wellness experiences have minimum few components of diving into nature, but even if you’re not looking for a full-on wellness experience (or cannot budget one right now), spending time in nature away from all the daily stress can be therapeutic. Just keep in mind many other people will also be looking to dive into nature, so you can have to be creative or brave to embrace depths of nature for true seclusion if that’s what you’re after. Diving into nature on the food scene will also be a trend with edible and botanicals florals according to New Food Magazine.


Many CBD products hit the market in 2019. No longer confused for THC, which is the substance in a hemp plant that causes a euphoric and high feeling, CBD has several advantages including anxiety and pain relief. While beauty, vapes, muscle balms, and tinctures will yet be large categories for CBD in the upcoming year, the edible market will possibly begin to evolve the most with the addition of fresh niche products. Potli for instance, which already provides CBD raw honey and apple cider vinegar, will be launching an infused sriracha.

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Plant-Based Meats

The popularity of plant-based meats increased exponentially in 2019. Several fast-casual restaurants and fast food including Del Taco, Burger King, and Denny’s even TGI Fridays added meat alternatives to their menus. Impossible and Beyond meats became even available at various supermarkets. But this’s far more than a passing trend. Rather, it is an indication of how significant wellness has become to society as a whole. We’re thinking differently. Even for those who are not vegan or vegetarian, selecting plant-based meats can be a far perfect choice than a typical burger (particularly when it comes to fast food). This’s also a sign that we’re becoming an extra eco-conscious society. In December 2019, World Animal Protection reported that 250k animals are being saved annually due to the increasing availability of plant-based substitutes. In the next decade, brands such as Beyond and Impossible will continue to expand their reach, as competition also hits the market. In the upcoming year, even extra food products such as fish will become available.

Red Light Therapy

Biohacking became a buzzword in the 2010s, with red light therapy, in specific, starting to emerge as a trend. Red light can assist fitness, boost energy, mood and the appearance of sleep and skin quality. Other advantages involve body fat, reducing pain, stress, and inflammation. While red light therapy has become further available in medical settings, we’ll see more consumer products hitting the market in the next decade, much of which is being pioneered by Bio Light. One of their most noteworthy products is the Bio Light Restore, which is a red light wall pane. They’ve portable innovations such as the Bio Light Glow.

New Sugar Alternatives

Most Americans are yet getting too much sugar in their diet despite growing knowledge that too much sugar can increase the risk of weight gain, heart disease, and type two diabetes. On the other hand, several people do not want to up their intake of artificial sweeteners found in sugar-free foods and other diet soda.

Emphasis On Mental Health

Discussions on mental health are marred with trivialization, assumptions, and misconceptions about the problem. But the reality is mental health is a weighty problem that requires to be appropriately addressed and understood. Depression, for example, affects 264 million people globally and is one of the leading causes of disability. They’re scientifically proven steps one can take to improve your overall mental health. Practicing optimism by concentrating on the great aspects of life can put your mind at ease. Acts of kindness and showing gratitude are found to bolster mental health.

Connection Between Sustainability and Wellness 

There’s increased awareness of our health. Similarly, people are more aware of the need for maintaining the health of the planet. Sustainability is a buzzword in the light of intense impacts of climate change and it’ll continue to be. From embracing organic foods, choosing eco-friendly packaging, minimizing food waste to emphasizing healthier soils, sustainability will be an integral part of wellness in 2020. The on-going trend for yet enjoying sweets without the downsides of table sugar continues in 2020. The emergence of extra natural sweeteners from dates, monk fruit, and pomegranate even likely from sweet potatoes will be on-trend.

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Less Alcohol

Often referred to as sober curious, in 2020 you can see additional mocktails and less alcohol trending in the restaurant and health scenes. Several bars are embracing the sober movement and providing more alcohol-free options. This can largely be due to Millennials, as this demographic tends to be leading the sober curious movement. While cutting back on alcohol can be best for some reason, just keep in mind selecting a mocktail when you’re dining out can yet add on extra calories and sugar quite fast if you’re not careful.

Personal training

As people become extra conscious of their endeavor and health to make necessary lifestyle changes, personal training is becoming a common trend. This includes one on one training at the house, health clubs or the gym. Personal training, I working one on one with a fitness trainer to meet the specific needs of clients as opposed to doing the similar in a group. With a personal trainer, one enjoys the flexibility and works out from anywhere any time and gets personalized attention.