Otherwise known as impotence, erectile dysfunction is a medical condition in which you are unable to participate in sexual activities due to the constant flaccidity of your penile area. While there are cases in which you might not be able to get an erection during intercourse, the only time this problem is classified as erectile dysfunction is when it is an ongoing issue and constantly interferes with your sexual performance.

A lot of men find the subject of bringing up erectile dysfunction to be embarrassing and often shameful while talking to their doctors, and therefore, most do not find out if they truly do suffer through this common medical matter. However, the American Urological Association states that as many as 30 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction, making it an entirely normal and even widespread issue among men.

The reason why it is vital that you understand why erectile dysfunction happens and whether you’re affected by contacting a professional medical supervisor is because 80% of ED cases are related to a biological disease which can turn fatal if not treated. There are a number of ways ED can be treated and prevented further on in one’s life, but the first step to curing yourself is understanding how ED happens and the extent to which you are affected.

How Do Erections Happen?

You probably have thought about it once or twice, or even many times but never truly looked into it. Erections are a biological function naturally caused by men during sexual arousal, wherein the brain’s nervous system releases chemicals which automatically cause rapid blood flow into one’s penis. This blood flow moves into two chambers of the penile area in which a spongy muscle tissue exists. As a typical sponge would do, blood is trapped into the tissues and the pressure built up from this accumulation of blood leads to a rigid state of the penis termed erection.

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When Does Erectile Dysfunction Happen?

The entire process of arousal includes a few key functions of one’s body and mind. You have the brain, hormones, psychological feelings, nerves and muscles, and blood vessels working simultaneously to create an erection.

However, there are instances when one part of these long-listed functions of the body are hindered from working in the proper manner. Through this sudden change, you will no longer experience erections and will find it hard to get a hard-on.

In most cases, erectile dysfunction is the result of a psychological or physiological concern and can be related to feelings of anxiety, stress and even depression. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction can also be indicative of other health problems existing in one’s body, such as heart disease, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and clogged blood vessels.

There might be other leading causes of erectile dysfunction as well, where people suffering from Parkinson’s disease tend to be a sufferer of ED. Alcoholism and substance abuse combined with constant tobacco use are also large prompters of an early-onset erectile dysfunction condition. You might also have low testosterone levels that lead to flaccidity in your penis.

While considering the psychological symptoms of erectile dysfunction, depression and anxiety take the highest stance. People who are likely to feel depressed and have low self-esteem tend to not be aroused much and the normal functions of the body are limited to an extent. Tension built in a relationship is a large contributing factor among most men suffering erectile dysfunction where the excess worry and fear leads to anxiety.

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Are You Likely to Be Affected by ED and Should You Be Concerned?

If you’re over the age of 50, the chances of you encountering erectile dysfunction are dramatically increased. This is because you are likely to suffer from other health risks such as diabetes which in turn affects your sexual performance.

Men with a tendency to smoke a lot are also those at high risk of erectile dysfunction. Since the smoke inhaled from tobacco directly affects the biological system and slows down its process, your body is adversely impacted as are your chances of getting an erection. This is also possible for those with drinking issues and those who excessively consume alcohol.

Being obese or lacking proper exercise will also make you vulnerable to erectile dysfunction. Your body will not have a healthy performance in itself and due to this imbalance, there won’t be proper blood flow into your penile area while the penis itself will be unable to trap the blood that is needed for erections.

As for how concerned you should be about erectile dysfunction, it depends completely on the news relayed to you by your healthcare professional. A lot of men with ED are said to experience cardiovascular issues such as heart attacks, strokes and blood circulatory problems in the legs.

It should also be noted that while ED is a common occurrence among men after their early 50s, the onset of ED in men with ages below 50 can be indicative of more serious and dangerous health implications. Therefore, you should always consult a medical professional if you believe to have such symptoms and find your sex life to be disrupted due to this.

What ED Means for Your Sex Life

It’s a given that your sex life will face the brunt of this condition. You will no longer be able to get rigid during intercourse and sexual performance will be non-existent on your part. This isn’t something to be upset over as ED is curable and has a number of treatments through which you will have proper erections again.

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Once you have consulted with your doctor and settled on a treatment plan for your medical issue, you can safely return to your normal sex life without facing any difficulties. However, if you want an easy way out where you can get both the cure and longer-lasting erections with better and spicier performances in bed, Alpha Male Plus is one of the best sex pills you can invest in right now. AMP is an OTC all-natural male enhancer supplement that requires no prescription and offers all the benefits without you ever sacrificing your sex life again.