Sex Toys | Lelo F1s

Bridging the gap between science and nature with F1s, next generation pleasure product for men that makes you the master of your destiny. And with a window in thew casing you can add a unique visual element and see your pleasure in action. Using powerful intense dual motors, Cruise control and LELO’s revolutionary Sensonic technology, […]

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Already tired of “5 Sex POSITION Edition 1”? Lucky for you, we at Alpha-Tek believe in fixing your boredom.  Get ready to try this week’s Alpha-Teks tops 5 sex positions! Send it! G-WHIZ Do It: Lay her down on her back either on a bed, table, or any counter with her legs resting on your shoulders. […]

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Devil In Disguise | Ch-4

Her blush was now more than obvious and her auburn hair amplified that effect turning on to the extreme. “So…” I muttered approaching my lips to hers. Angela’s lips were tripping in expectation as she braced for impact; suddenly she bails on me and pulls her lips away. “Shall we go up… I… I…” she […]

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Spice things up

Maybe you fantasize about it, but face it: You don’t really want to have sex with someone new. For one thing, strutting around in the buff in front of someone you met last Tuesday sounds about as inviting as jumping off a very high dive into a very cold bathtub. But still, you wouldn’t mind […]

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5 Sex Position | ED-1

Tired of the same old 3 or 1 sex position? Sex not what it used to be? Do you feel like the bedroom fire is out? Look no further! Grab some Alpha Male Plus and Alpha Swipe from Alpha-Tek and try this week 5 sex position! The Corkscrew Do It: Get your partner near the edge […]

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