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Have you ever ejaculated before you expected to do so? It may just have been one time with your partner where both of you, despite being slightly disappointed, counted it off as a mistake. However, if this problem continues to pester, what are the chances that it isn’t slowly turning into a medical problem? Well, the American Urological Associate proves that 1 in 3 men between the ages of 18 to 59 will encounter the materialization of a condition for pre-ejaculation and if it’s not treated in time, you may as well say goodbye to satisfying sex life.

Premature Ejaculation is a growing problem faced by many young and middle-aged men in the United States, and not enough people are talking about it. It’s a subject most people consider to be embarrassing to address, even if it is with their own doctors. While the reason behind this embarrassment is understandable, it is not correct to keep your problem shut inside of you.

The end result of one suffering from Premature Ejaculation or PE is depression and really poor self-esteem. It isn’t easy for someone to be in a relationship with their partner while suffering from PE, mainly because neither one of you can ever come to terms with one climaxing before they do.

However, despite the taboo and social reproach that this subject is often connoted with, Premature Ejaculation is not devoid of its treatments. In fact, treating Premature Ejaculation is as easy as taking a small pill or using a medicinal wipe. And this is exactly what Alpha Male Plus has been striving to achieve, especially with our brand-new Alpha Swipes!

Before we move on to talk about how the new Alpha Swipes helps you improve your sex life and take a strong control over your sexual pleasure and climaxing time, let’s first discuss what Premature Ejaculation is by itself.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Ejaculating before your partner does is not a significant problem if it happens only once in your life. However, if it’s an issue that perseveres through time and causes a dramatic effect in your mental health, sexual life, and relationship, it turns into a condition that needs to be addressed.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) can suffer through PE as well. The problem manifests itself when men who cannot keep up an erection for a normal period of time find themselves to ejaculate only a minute or two after having sex.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

It is possible that PE is an issue triggered through a psychological issue with depression, stress and lack of confidence are common ways for one to catalyze sexual problems. With the lack of desire to have sex, your body reacts by not acting correctly while having sex.

Furthermore, a deficiency in serotonin can also act to cause premature ejaculation in men. This is a biological chemical that is created by the nervous system and while climaxing, serotonin is released into the brain. If there’s a high amount of serotonin, ejaculation time is extended but with a deficiency, the time period is considerably shortened.

How Can You Treat Premature Ejaculation?

There are different methods to treat this condition within a person, and these vary along the lines of both intensive treatment and extensive treatment. It is recommended that you check in with a healthcare specialist before selecting a treatment by yourself.

The good news for those suffering this ailment is that it can be effectively removed or treated with little to no side effects. Whether you opt for a prescription pill or something different, if it is something that is clinically proven to treat ED and PE, you can easily use it if you’re allergic to the listed ingredients. These are viable sources of treatment for you to have a better sex life without the constant worry of climaxing before your partner does.

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What Are the New Alpha Male Swipes?

The Alpha Male Swipes is a newly released product that aims to help men cure their sexual afflictions with ED and PE. Inconspicuously packaged in a condom sized wrapper, these are a one-time use wipes that contain medicinal properties targeted to giving you a long-lasting erection.

There’s a small percent of a medical aesthetic termed Benzocaine which is infused within this product. This is the key ingredient that helps you to have a stronger and longer erection but without a numbing effect. In fact, in 2017, a medical study disclosed that 82% of men who used Benzocaine wipes no longer suffered from Premature Ejaculation after constant use for a period of two months.

Furthermore, the study also proved that people who used to climax before a minute mark found themselves to ejaculate after three minutes after the first month of using the wipes. In two months, the ejaculation time was extended to more than 5.5 minutes which accounts for a total of 340% increase in climaxing time.

How Can You Use the Swipes?

The process of using the swipes is incredibly easy and does not take any time at all. The first step is to open the package and slip the Alpha Male Swipe out from its wrapper. You can then use pressure to apply the medicated wipes on to sensitive areas around your penis before letting it dry for approximately 5 minutes.

The Alpha Male Swipes is an OTC male enhancer and therefore, requires absolutely no prescription for use. However, you should advise with your medical professional regarding whether you’re allergic to Benzocaine before using the Swipes as an allergic reaction can prompt redness and swelling.

What Else Should I Know About the Alpha Male Swipes?

The Alpha Male Swipes is a great product to boost your confidence and endurance for the best result in your sex life. Typically, the swipes can last you around 20-30 minutes with a strong boner. It is best to have your penis dry off for 5 minutes so the medicine can take full effect and not harm your partner upon contact. After it is all dried up, you’re good to have sex in any position or way you like, for as long as you want to!

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