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AMP (Alpha Male Plus) is a Tucson, Arizona supplement company specializing in male enhancement product.

male enhancement supplement that improves sexual performance as well as proven natural solution for erectile dysfunction. Alpha Male is made and packaged in the USA with natural ingredients; vitamins, dried fruit and herbs packed in to a very tasty square strip to fit in your wallet.

AMP dissolves in your mouth, providing immediate absorption under the tongue (sublingual) while significantly reducing side effects commonly seen in other male enhancement prescriptions. AMP is the only natural male enhancement supplement of its kind with proven effectiveness up to 72 hours depending on the users age.

AMP contains a precise combination of Vitamins & Herbal ingredients which naturally improve & promote micro-circulation of the cavernous muscles (penis) & prostate. AMP helps to improve performance & helps to prevent & slow erectile dysfunction. Has also been shown to help decrease prostate growth.

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