“That makes some sense;” I chuckled.

It was ignorant of me to think women would be any different. I mean, I checked a fine looking woman with every occasion and it looked like they did the same with us. We’re both human and it was normal to have similar reactions when it came to sexual attraction.

“Thank you for the compliment, you look amazing as well… haven’t changed a bit.”

“You’re lying, I’ve gotten older… look, gray hairs!” she tried to show me but I didn’t even bother to look.

“Ohh hush, stop fooling around; you haven’t aged a bit, you are as beautiful as ever.”

I could see her rich meaty cheeks blushing like it was two years back and we hadn’t lost connection at all.

“You mean that?”

I nodded and couldn’t believe my eyes, how in a second she turned into this shy schoolgirl who didn’t even dare to look into a man’s eyes. This wouldn’t last forever, I was too aware of it, therefore I had no special expectations of this short-termed situation.

“With all my heart.” I smiled then tried to find her eyes “You don’t believe me?”

“Considering it is you, I am willing to believe whatever.”

Her reply amused me. “Are you sure you want to take the risk?”

“Are, YOU?” she replied on the same tone and kinda caught me off guard because I could tell there was more than met the eyes behind that question. 

Teasing was no strange thing to me either; for that reason, I decided to leave that question unanswered and call one of the waiters. I was starving anyway, and since she decided to take me out to dinner, I was going to profit from this opportunity.

After ordering the food and a bottle of wine, we chatted for a bit longer and while eating as well. Time flew as if Death had been chasing itself as I glanced at my watch on the wrist I saw it was half-past midnight.

“Aww fuck, so late and tomorrow I have to wake up early.”

Irene giggled “Come on, that’s no tragedy. We’ll grab an uber and you’ll be home asap.”

“My car is just outside,” I replied but she was quick to remember me I had two glasses of red wine. She even pointed at the damn thing with her index.

“Ahh,” I replied with slight sorrow in my voice “I guess you are right…”

And Uber it was at her insistence. Since I always wanted to act like a gentleman around women, I insisted that I should take her home, thus share the same care, only for me to order another Uber once I made sure she got home in one piece.

Sometimes, Karma had different plans for us; despite knowing this too well, I chose to turn a blind eye to the truth and hope for something else.

That was my mistake! As we reached the third floor of her apartment building and door number 65, I could see Irene unlocking the door and opening it without even looking at me.

“This bitch is not even going to say goodbye!” I thought to myself remembering all those instances when she actually acted like a selfish bitch.

The door was left open behind her as she walked it in perfect silence; something inside me urged me to peek and see if she was okay. One glass of wine couldn’t ravage one’s mind that much, I considered and now I made that first step curious to see what the hell was going on with her.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! The tight dress was resting on the floor all by itself and I surprised Irene walking with her back towards me wearing only a tight bikini and no bra. The first seconds I thought I would have a fucking stroke, because I didn’t expect her to do such a thing., but I couldn’t turn my eyes away from her anyway.

That ‘fat’ ass with the chunky butt cheeks looked like they had fallen straight out of heaven, and their jiggling motion gave me a hard-on almost instantly. This was beyond my control as I was standing in the door still; I could see the side of her left breast as she turned slightly towards me wearing this guilty smile n her face. The nipple was clearly rock hard and by the size of it, you could fill a big hand with just one of them easily.

“Shit!” I muttered to myself as my blood pressure increased; I could feel my skin and whole body burning now with desire.

“Are you coming or what?” she teased with me with the sexiest voice my ears had heard in years.

No reply was needed as words had been rendered futile in those moments.  I couldn’t refuse such an offer, I was no mad man! And even if I was, I would be willing to sacrifice a life for a moment of mad pleasure.

The moment I closed the door of the apartment, Irene turned towards me like a predator;

“Mike, I want you!” she said while walking towards me with determined steps.

What else could I say? Nothing that could bear any importance, thus I kept my mouth shut and decided to admire the pure beauty in front of my eyes. I could not admire her perfect hanging tits up front, and she tired no attempt to hide them from me.

With her right hand, Irene grabbed mine and caressed her tits, while with the other she touched and caressed my rock hard cock through the fabric of the pants.

“Looks like you have done some progress in here as well.” She chuckled and unzipped my pants with a swift move.

Indeed, I had, but she had no idea that I had prepared for this moment for months. With Alpha Male Plus, I would now have the upper hand; I wanted to impress her and show her at the same time what she missed over those two years.

Two of her small hands were needed to grab the wholeness of my cock now as her lips were raveling down my chest and abs. I could feel the wetness and heat of her meaty lips and every touch felt excruciating with pleasure.

“You like it?” she murmured as I found myself at her mercy. Each time I would try to kiss or touch her, she would push my hands and lips away.

“My turn,” she’d smile and continue handling me.       

This woman was a true vamp who knew exactly what she wanted and how to get it… and I… felt like a slave under her collar now, and I fucking like it as well.    

The softness of her skin was driving me crazy and I could feel how my cock was about to burst as my very heart seemed to have changed its beating place.

Irene now pushed me towards the very door we walked in through and grabbed my ass with both her hands;

“Fuck me like you used to!” she ground her teeth with slight anger in her voice, but the positive kind. Then she switched places allowing me to have her from behind; she hadn’t bent over yet, therefore I had a spending view in front of my eyes; the arch of her spine was full of sweat already and I could see her flesh vibrating in front of my eyes.

I pressed against her and penetrated while holding her close to me in an almost upright position, with just a little bend.  Irene started moaning with pleasure and I could feel how her body yearned for more with every thrust.   

“Yes, yes… like that, yes baby, give it to me!” she’d scream as I treated her with the best sex of her life.

For more than an hour, we fucked relentlessly; it was amazing and incredible at the same time; she couldn’t believe the strength and vigor, but it was clear now that she was mine before she could realize it.