“God, how much I wanted to do this!” she grinned as soon as the kiss was over and I could finally breathe again.

Still, in shock, as I was, I nodded my head trying to get some answers from her, without having to utter any words. Irene understood my silent message but didn’t bother to provide me with an answer.

Instead, she just ignored my curiosity and smiled; how could I dare to ask something else of her, as if I didn’t know her soul already.   

“Come, I have a special surprise for you.” she giggled and then threw that umbrella to the garbage bin.

“Why did you do that?”

“Oh fuck it…” she laughed and grabbed my hand “I have like ten others like it; now let’s go, it’s getting late.”

Suddenly, I found myself caught up in this emotional tornado, but in a way, I didn’t want to get out of it either. Irene was dragging me like I was her luggage towards the door of a nearby restaurant I used to go to every once in a while.

What gentleman manners, or door opening for the lady; Irene couldn’t care less about such rigid norms and walked in as if she owned the place.

“Hey, hey, would you care to explain a bit?” I pulled her arm back unplugging her enthusiasm for a moment.  

With all the emotion I felt around her, I was a different man now from what she used to know. Two years are more than enough to change a person and over time I had learned to control myself even in the hardest of moments. The look on my face turned to a stern one, something she wasn’t used to when she came to my persona.

“Mike? What is it?”

Her meaty lips stammers and I could see them tremble a bit with a scared emotion attached to them. I won’t lie now, I found that shit sexy as hell, and would kiss them over and over again until my dying breath if I could.

“What is going on? Why are you acting so crazy;”

She suddenly lost that cheeky smile of hers and was looking back at me with big puppy-like eyes that were begging for forgiveness. I guess she didn’t expect this sudden burst of authority and now she couldn’t handle it.

“I reserved a table for us two and…”

Her voice had a mild intensity now and in a way she was seeking my approval for what she was about to do next.

“Ohh, I see… why didn’t you tell me from the start?” I asked with a softer tone and I could see the life coming back to her cheeks.

“Well, I wanted it to be a surprise and that’s why…”

This woman had an extravagance about her that was hard if not impossible to understand. She was eccentric almost at all times and her exotic appearance would puzzle the eye of even the most experienced men of this world. This happened mostly because you could never anticipate what she was going to do next and if you didn’t keep her in check, she would play with you the same way a cat plays with a mouse that’s 99% dead already.

“Shall we, then…” then I smiled as soon as I found out the truth and now I allowed Irene to lead the way to our table.

After sitting down gracefully, I could see her resting her chin in her hands as her elbows were nicely touching the surface of the brown wooden table. She gazed, at first I thought past me with a pair of eyes that looked like fantasizing, but as I waved at her, I noticed that she was looking at me.

“Are you dreaming?”

My voice didn’t seem to cause any reaction in her; I guess her fantasy was still running cause I saw her smiling out of the blue and I couldn’t tell what the real reason behind it was actually.

“Why are you smiling?” I asked again and this time I managed to pull her out of her slumber.       

She avoided answering my question, and instead came with something else to the table, something that had captured her imagination and had turned now into a burning preoccupation.

“Looks like you have worked out lately, huh…”

Her eyes were stuck to my neck and chest now in between steadily blinks; she got the chance to raving in the view as I had taken off my jacket and unbuttoned two buttons next to my neck as I felt like I was going to be choked to death. 

“Now and then… but not so seriously.”

“You look amazing, I mean, gosh, any woman would fall for you at any moment.”

It looked like she was about to set a trap for me, but what Irene didn’t know was that she was about to fall in it herself, and I had just to right tools.

“I didn’t know that women would only care for a six-pack; what about the heart of a man, his kindness and good intentions?”

Irene bit her lip again as if she was trying to tease me again. “Yeah, those two, she giggled, but you know the eyes first see the package and if they like it, then a woman will get to explore the soul and heart afterward.”