After slamming the door shut, I started looking through my list of contacts hoping to find her; instantly my heart started racing only at the thought of hearing her voice once again.

“Calm the fuck down…” I ground my teeth and pushed the ‘call’ button.

In seconds the phone started ringing but after the third ‘beep’. Irene declined my call.

“What the fuck… oh noo… you’re not fucking with me like that.”

My excitement was suddenly turning to anger and I could feel my blood pressure skyrocketing. I tried calling her second time now, but then a familiar voice caressed my eardrums.

“Hey Handsome, you should let that phone down for a moment; it’s not good for your health.”

That giggle was way too familiar and it sounded like exactly like I used to know it, and it percolated through my brain like a bullet shot from point-blank.

As I turned my head with confusion, I tried to hide my phone behind my back as an automated reaction also; I didn’t notice her presence at first and only the sound of her laughter guided me through the environment, until my eyes finally landed on her exotic figure.

A wide smile took over my face, stretching from ear to ear almost, but I didn’t move at all. Not towards her, not in another direction, I just stood there admiring Irene from a distance.

The curves of her body seemed almost more enticing than ever before, especially since she was dressed with this tight dress above her knees, bearing all these floral elements on a beige background. The elastic fabric was so stretched so tightly on her skin that I could see her nipples through the dress. Everyone passing by could see them and that made me a little bit jealous. Irene seemed not to be bothered by this aspect and began to call me towards her with a steady movement of her right index.

Her auburn hair was carefully hidden under this pink umbrella, adding a dose of mystery to her presence, as I could not see her eyes and lips too clearly. I never managed to decipher the sense behind that umbrella since it was neither extreme sunshine nor raining, but anyway, I didn’t have the time or energy to bother myself with such petty dilemmas as long as I had her only feet away from me.

“You couldn’t resist any longer, huh?” grinned trying to express confidence.

Irene didn’t move her rich meaty lips that were covered with a bright red lipstick that evening. She bulged her eyes instead, scanning me from head to toe. I could tell that she was analyzing the transformation of my physique, and in a way, she looked impressed. Over the past two years, I had lost a couple of pounds and now and then I went to the gym to stretch my muscles a bit.

This was no professional routine and I didn’t struggle to achieve those ‘results’, but still, in her eyes, they were more than visible, especially since she had not seen me for so many months.

“Look at you…” she chuckled and pushed that pink umbrella backward. Now I could see her hungry eyes clear enough; he slight biting of the lip shifted my attention away from her eyes.

“I would, but I have no mirror now…” I replied with a cocky voice “I’d rather look at you right now, I know too well how I look.”

Irene giggled while looking down at the strap sandals; a feeble gasp that felt like it was coming from the depths of her heart, came out.

“And do you like what you are seeing?”  

Fuck me, I was loving it… that perfect oval face of hers with silky olive skin begged me to kiss and caress it. Her small perfect nose, felt like it had a movement of its own and would react differently depending on the emotion, and then again I returned at her meaty lips that looked like the perfect soft sponges. Just by looking at them, I could feel how my cock was getting harder and harder. I just couldn’t control this reaction and I was afraid she would see something swelling through the pants.

I was fighting a losing war at this point, as my eyes fell inside the depth of her rich cleavage; almost half of her tits were coming out of the dress with an unorthodox boldness. God damn, she was making me sweat already and hadn’t even touched her.

“I… Of course…” I tried to reply something intelligent enough as I struggled to pull my eyes out of her cleavage, and I guess she knew already I was trapped to that magnet.

“You, you, you…” she giggled and before I could realize what was happening, she stormed at me almost, and covered my lips with hers talking my breath away in the process.

I was shocked and close to paralyzed to make any move at this point; so, I just kept it quiet and allowed it to happen, just the way she wanted.

Irene’s wet tongue started wandering through my mouth like it was on a quest, counting every tooth I had and pulling out of me even the wildest desires.