My heart was pounding in my chest at this point in expectation, and I could feel the shortness of my breath, taking over me. Even the upper button of my white shirt felt like it had something against me wanted to choke me to death. Without a doubt, the emotion was at its best now.

“God, what am I going to do with her…” I sighed looking for the 100th time in the mirror to make sure I was not missing anything.

Suddenly, the phone rang as I was doing the last fixes to my haircut and thinking of a thousand different scenarios; I picked up from my back pocket in a rush, breaking my thought process at the same time.

“J” was all I got from her but it was more enough to startle me.

I hadn’t seen Irene in ages since she left for that business exchange or whatever it was. I didn’t know too much about it because she kept it all shrouded in a veil of secrecy; she didn’t say when or if she was coming back and the day she left, she only let me know that same morning.

It came as a shock you can imagine, but I had my hands tied up behind my back and couldn’t do anything about it. This one was a mysterious and determined woman at the same, the sort of woman who can surprise you in the morning and break your heart in the evening without flinching. I guess that’s why I was so drawn to her because she had a special gist that caused my heart to tremble in my chest each time I was with her or when I only heard her voice or merely thought of her.

At this point, I couldn’t think of anything else; two years had passed in-between time when I tried to forget her. She left me with a bleeding heart and over those many months she didn’t even bother to call or text me; this cold-hearted beast acted as if I didn’t even exist and that hurt me the most. In my darkest hours, I used to swear to stop thinking of her and if she ever came back, to push her away as if she meant nothing to me.

Needless to say, I was caught under her spell with the first text she sent me. I didn’t know the number, but I knew the words and that was more than enough. Now, something was pushing me from behind, the devil himself probably who was eager to take me to my doom once and for all.

When I was almost out through the door, another text came in:

“I miss you!” it said and I was like…

“Ohh stop fucking with me now…”

At the same time, I wanted to impress her, so I took on the fanciest black jacket I had and make sure I had a flawless appearance.    

Even at this point, as I got in my car and started driving downtown, the date was shrouded in mystery. I had no clue where I was going to meet Irene. All I knew was that she would share location on her Whatsapp when the time came; that meant I had to tell her I was near and she would reveal herself.

This hide and seek game felt more like torture to me, but it was turning me on as well; the excitement, the unknown and the fact that I was going to meet her again caused my heart to pump the blood through my system so fast you’d think something inside of me had caught fire. Maybe it was the heart itself, who knows… or maybe the insatiable desire that pushed me to dream again of her thick thighs and generous breasts.

What we used to have previously was something hard to understand; it was more of a mixture of friends with benefits and periodic bursts of inexplicable jealousy from Irene’s part. She would throw me away, then pull me back to her when I least expected it and each time it happened she provided me with no explanation. She just did whatever she wanted and acted as if it was her birthright to act that way.

“I am getting close… where are you?” I texted her and all I got back was one of those giggling smiley faces.

It was becoming rather frustrating at this point; my eyes felt tired as well as the street light reflections were caressing the windshield one after another. The city was full of life and I could see hundreds of people on the sidewalk walking hand in hand, some were walking their pets and others were just strolling alone confronting their thoughts most likely.

My mind was begging to feel the weight of what was about to happen… or not. For what I could tell, this could have easily been a prank form her, but that was no April fool’s day either. Instead, it was a warm, and pleasant evening of late May, a perfect opportunity for me to get my hands on what was rightfully mine, once again.

I was driving slow at this point and as soon as I saw an empty parking lot, I signaled and pulled in mighty fast. Those things were rare to find on a Saturday night, especially by the main avenue, so I took advantage of this opportunity.

“Looks like a lucky night, after all…” I smiled to myself and turned off the engine.

I checked my hair for the last time in the rear mirror and then I got out of the car, determined to call Irene, and see what the hell was with all those smiley faces to that told me nothing.