Already tired of “5 Sex POSITION Edition 1”? Lucky for you, we at Alpha-Tek believe in fixing your boredom.  Get ready to try this week’s Alpha-Teks tops 5 sex positions! Send it!


Do It: Lay her down on her back either on a bed, table, or any counter with her legs resting on your shoulders.

Why: This sex position is awesome because when she raises her legs, it narrows the vagina and helps you target her G-Spot – making her cum.

Make It Hotter: Turn it up by rocking her side to side or up and down motion. By doing this it will bring your penis into direct contact with her G-Spot.


 Do It: Similar to the popular cowgirl sex position, lay down on your back and have her mount on top of you. Having her push off your chest and sliding up and down your thighs. Help support her weight by grabbing her thighs and help her trust.

Why: This sex position puts less stress on her legs, making her climax easier. This is considered a female-dominant sex position which will help delay your climax – so everyone wins.

Make It Hotter:  Alternate between deep and shallow thrusting to stimulate different parts of her vagina.


Do It: Get her on hands and feet and pick her up by the pelvis. Then have her grip your waist with her thighs.

Why: Aside from being one hell of an arm workout for her, this male-dominant sex position allows for deeper penetration – DEEP!

Make It Hotter:  Give her arm a break by resting her arms on a table or end of the bed. You can for sure go to town!


Do It: Basically a doggy-style sex position just slightly modified for extreme pleasure. Get her on her hands and knees, keeping her hips raised, rest her head and arms on the bed and come standing from behind.

Why: This sex position creates deeper penetrations and gives her a chance to rest on a pillow.

Make It Hotter: Grab her hands and have her play with her clit making her cum


Do It: With both of you standing, bend her over at the waist and enter her from the rear. Best works if you’re the same height.

Why: By bending her over during this sex position helps make the vaginal walls tighter and increases the intensity of the friction. Making your penis seem larger then what it really is.

Make It Hotter: Start rubbing her clitoris with your hand or tie her hands together with your tie or shirt.


We cannot promise you will last longer but the listed five sex position will for sure turn up the heat in the bedroom. If you are having issues getting your penis hard or issues lasting and planning on trying the listed position. Make sure you use Alpha Male Plus to get it up and Alpha Swipe to last! Making sure you have a long-lasting healthy relationship with your partner!